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About art + power

artists sitting around a large group picture
Artists working at Spike Island

"We are a group of artists working together for change. By sharing and creating together we find the power to make ourselves stronger and to change attitudes towards us. We want our art and our message to go all around the world.  We want everyone to have art + power in their lives."

actors crowding around a table
Portway Players in rehearsal of Faustus

art + power is a membership organisation led by disabled artists creating work in visual arts, theatre, poetry, music, deaf arts, multi-media and film. art + power provides learning and artistic opportunities for disabled people and the wider community.

art + power subscribes to the social model of disability.

how art + power works

At art + power we try to make sure that our members are the ones with the power - over art, over administration, over business. We do this by working in our Engine Room, the noisy heart of the machine that chugs and chugs. We hold meetings in our office, keeping track of business.

artists drawing with painting on the wall behind them
Jon, Jack and Brian working at Spike Island

Sometimes the most empowering way of making sure members have the power is to employ someone to do specialised things for us: an accountant to sort out the finances, or a designer to create our newsletter. We also have full-time staff to support us in our art.

The most important thing to know about art + power is that we believe that power comes when individuals come together and share as a group.

a group of artists posing in front of a large cardboard sculpture
Artists with a large sculpture of a head

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