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Faustus by art + power; a learning resource

An interpretation of Christopher Marlowe’s play, Dr. Faustus, by the Portway Players, art + power’s theatre company, premiered in April 2004 at the Old Vic, Bristol.


This resource looks at the way the Portway Players interpreted and adapted Marlowes play and provides several ways of engaging with the material. The various sections tell you about:

Who is it for?

We hope that this resource will be particularly useful to the following groups:

a note for teachers

This resource has relevance to National Curriculum requirements for English and Drama at Key Stages 3 and 4. While we aim to provide a source of inspiration and resources rather than a detailed programme of study, we have included some exercises that would fit well into the Speaking and Listening components of the curriculum.

More interesting to us, though, is the relevance of this site to Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship. Part of art + power’s mission is to help change people’s preconceptions about disability. We want to foster an appreciation and curiosity about difference, and an understanding that society is not an unalterable given, but can be changed for the better. Change depends on our sense of belonging, and our willingness to participate in society. These are goals that we believe clearly mesh with those in the National Curriculum for PSHE and Citizenship.

need more help?

If you require any further information, either about art + power or the production of Faustus, please don’t hesitate to contact art + power. We have a selection of information sheets, videos and art cards, which you may wish to incorporate into your study.

We would also love to hear from you to know how you use these resources, and how we could make them better. It is by through linking with other people that knowledge is shared and learned - this is not just a theme of our production of Faustus, but a goal that we always try to put into practice. If you would like to share your experiences with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

art + power
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a sketch of the contract being read
Reading the contract by Carol Chilcott

What the press said:

"The play pulls together strong design, atmospheric lighting, haunting music, and a host of interesting visual and verbal storytelling techniques, as well as the odd genius touch of comedy."

photograph from the play of Faustus drawing blood to sign the contract
Contract with the devil

Bristol Evening Post 1st May, 2004

"We are proud of Bristol Old Vic’s long running association with the Portway Players - long may it continue."

David Farr and Simon Reade: Joint Artistic Directors, Bristol Old Vic.

Movie clips and texts from Faustus can be seen in the Gallery

Sketches of the Faustus production and performances by Carol Chilcott can be seen in the Gallery


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