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Portway Players

3 photographs of the Portway Players - Sharing the Stars performance, Lyinging Doctors publicity photo and a picture of rehearsals for Faustus

The Portway Players are art + power’s theatre company. They perform regularly in Bristol and around the country. The players have worked in association with Bristol Old Vic since 1990.

"We are a company of eighteen actors with an artist in residence and two coordinator directors. We are pleased with every play we have done. With each play we move forward and develop our skills. It is an inspiration to do a theatre piece on stage; it is a wonderful thing to do. We would like the opportunity to take our plays all around the country, to get back on the road and not give up. We want to keep making plays and not give up."

The Portway Players perform a mixture of their own devised pieces and interpretations of scripts. They adapt their style to the audience and venue, ranging from visually dazzling theatrical pieces to direct, thought-provoking work designed for conferences and workshops.

"We want to show people our professionalism. When audiences come to see our work we hope they will see what we can do and they will go away thinking about what we have shown them. We hope audiences will get meanings, entertainment, enjoyment, and feelings from seeing our plays."

For more information about art + power as an organisation go to the About section

cast list

(in alphabetical order)

Steve Canby: Concerned Colleague, Drummer; Devil Dancer; Gluttony; Religious Man

Brian Davis: Devil Dancer; Lucifer; Wrath; the Pope; Time

Kevin Hogan: Religious Man

Tina Kelly: Mephistophilis’ Servant; Devil Dancer; Lechery; The Horse

Steve Knight: Doctor Faustus

Liz Lane: Concerned Colleague; Mephistophilis’ Servant; Devil Dancer; Pope’s Servant

Mary Lansdown: Sin; Storyteller

Jacky Long: Duchess of Vanholt

Alex Long: Devil’s Bride; Covetousness; Religious Man

Alan Marshall: Religious Man

Sarah McGreevy: Violinist; Concerned Colleague; Mephistophilis’ Servant; Sloth; Pope’s Servant

Richard O’Brien: Devil Dancer; Religious Man

Jenny Redlar: Concerned Colleague; Mephistophilis’ Servant; The Horse’s Tail

Marilyn Rees: Concerned Colleague; Pope’s Servant

Claude Rimmer: Mephistophilis’ Servant; Religious Man

Roy Tanner: Envy; Horse Dealer

Chris Wiltshire: Mephistophilis

Scholars and the Voices of Good and Evil are played by members of  the company

technical crew

Direction: Jane Sallis and Kevin Brice

Script: art + power: the portway players

Artist-in-Residence, Programme Art: Carol Chilcott (art + power)

Brochure/Postcard Art: Nicholas Selway (art + power)

Poetry : art + power (Brenda Cook, Jenny Redlar, Roy Tanner, Mary Lansdown, Jacky Long, Sarah McGreevy, Lyn Martin, Joan Goodyear, Alan Marshall)

BSL Interpretation: Sandra Barefoot

Access Workshop Leader: Holly Thomas

Music: Annette Dunn

Stage and Lighting Design: Jo Cuthbert and colleagues, Bristol Old Vic

Stage, Lighting Technician: Oliver Hellis, Bristol Old Vic

Sound: Jason Barnes, Bristol Old Vic

Props and Backstage: Andy Harris

Cast of Devil’s Mask: Cathy and Steve Lewis

Photography: Kamina Walton

Costumes: Pat Wildman, Ilkley Playhouse; Lee Frost, Frocks and Tails, Bristol

Special thanks to Dorothy Heathcote, Heather Williams, Kuumba Project for their assistance with this production.

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