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About Marlowe Synopsis Theme Art Text

What is the play about?

Faustus is a doctor of philosophy and theology but he realises that all his learning and knowledge will not give him the power he wants. He studies black magic and conjures up Mephistophilis, Lucifer’s right hand man.

a sketch showing lucifer and servants
Lucifer by Carol Chilcott

link to video clip from the play
A reflection of himself - Faustus calls up the devil using magic, video clip

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Faustus meets Mephistophilis, video clip

Faustus has taken the wrong turning
He does nothing with all his learning
He finds that it is all words:
He cannot get it right, he wants too much for himself
He is greedy and he wants more.
His clever mind tells him to do it,
A different path
A path of power
Just for himself.

link to video clip from the play
Signing the contract, video clip

Faustus signs a contract with the devil, in exchange for 24 years of power. During this time, Mephistophilis will give him everything he wants. But Faustus does nothing with this new power and only uses his new power to play tricks; ultimately he gains nothing from his contract with the devil.

link to video clip from the play
The horse courser, video clip

Mephistophilis and Lucifer close another door
Each door that shuts is a rejection for Faustus
Like a story never shared, a story never read
Keeping Faustus trapped in an ignorance of temptation and trickery.
The doors of love and fellowship are slammed in his face.
Like a dusty book that is never opened.

The play ends when the 24 years are up. Faustus prays for time to stand still in the hope that he will be saved, but Lucifer claims Faustus’ soul and in the final scene Mephistophilis drags Faustus down to hell.

link to video clip from the play
Tricks and lies, video clip

link to video clip from the play
Down to hell, video clip

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