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camera shots stills

camera shots

These are the camera shots that were used in the film, listed scene by scene. A selection of stills and movie clips to illustrate the camera work described can be found in the additional materials section.

notes: The shot list was created and used as part of the planning of the film, and as often happens in post production, some scenes may have been omitted, shortened or changed slightly.

abbreviations / technical terms

CU = close up
Jib = equipment used to get camera in required position
L = Left
Mid CU = mid / medium close up
MS = mid / medium shot
Mid WS = mid / medium wide shot
Pan = panoramic shot, created by turning the camera from one side to the other
R = Right
Reverse = a shot that takes the opposite point of view from the one before
Slo-mo = slow motion
Track = camera itself moves around during shot
VO = Voice over
WS = wide shot
YBrenda = Young Brenda
Zoom = camera appears to move closer or further away during shot

Scene 1-3 | Scene 4-8 | Scene 9-13 | Scene 14-19 | Scene 20-21

1. TITLE SEQUENCE 1 CU – purple iris VO child ren’s song “evy, ivy, over..”


2 CU – The Wrong Flowers - painting Skipping rope


3 MS – Stone – ‘A FILM BY….’  

Interior Studio - WINTER
1 MS Track – Brenda in white archway Brenda - poem “I am wanting to be me..”


2 CU – Iris in her hands VO YBrenda “It’s too cold for plants to grow, because it is the winter snow”


3 MS – Stone – ‘BASED ON A ….’ VO Brenda & YBrenda - laughter

Exterior - AUTUMN
1 MS – YBrenda & Dad looking through School fence - slight pan from wrist - zoom in VO children’s song “evy, ivy, over..”


2 Reverse WS – Through fence kids playing in schoolyard  -zoom out Skipping rope, children’s laughter


3 CU – Stone – ‘THE WRONG FLOWERS’ VO Brenda – poem “I thought I was doing…”

Scene 1-3 | Scene 4-8 | Scene 9-13 | Scene 14-19 | Scene 20-21

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