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Sessions 1 - 2: preparing for the film “I am wanting to be me”

Brenda with daisies
Brenda with daisies

session 1: before viewing the film




Explain to the children that they are going to watch a film about an artist, Brenda Cook, who is different from other people. She has written a poem about her childhood, the first line is:

‘I am wanting to be me’

Explore this line. What do they think it means?

Go on to discuss the meaning of:
‘I am wanting to be me when I was small and picking the wrong flowers.’

Discuss the word “different”. What does it mean to be different? What do they think is different/ special about Brenda? Chart their responses to come back to after seeing the film.


Working individually in their project book. The children will be given time to reflect and work privately without their work being seen by others.

The children should each draw a picture of themselves in the middle of the page. Underneath they should put: “This is me. I am OK” Around the outside of this image they should draw pictures of themselves as seen by other significant people in their lives e.g. mum, dad, carer, brother, teacher, headteacher, grandparent. Underneath each picture they should write a word or phrase describing their picture. “My brother sees me as a pain” or “My granny still sees me as a baby”.

Ideas for plenary:

The children should have the opportunity to share their work if they choose to.

Discussion will reinforce the idea that we are all special and unique and that respect is about valuing all our talents as well as our difficulties.

Generate a class motto. e.g. “In our class we value everyone for their individuality. We are all special. We are all different.”

session 2: prior to screening




Remind the children that they are going to watch a film about an artist - Brenda Cook. Explore the word “artist”. What is an artist? Which artists do the children know? Have they met any artists? Chart their responses to come back to after viewing the film.

Tell the children that Brenda tells her story through a poem she has written about her childhood. The film shows her memories and explores her feelings through the use of flashbacks.

You may want to use the online glossary and explain some technical terms to describe filmmaking at this point. Go to link above.

Explain to the children that after watching the film they are going to study it for a week or two. They are also going to think about feelings they have about changes they are going through in their lives. They are going to write their own poems and about these changes and the feelings they have about them.


Give the children a selection of photographic images of people with post-its stuck on them.

  1. Using a carousel, generate words to describe the feelings of the characters. Carousel is a term that is used in the Literacy and Numeracy hour - referring to a number of activities that are set up at the same time which children rotate around, either on one day or over a number of days.
  2. In small groups ask children to filter these ideas by selecting the best words. Improve the words using a thesaurus.
  3. Each group presents one picture with three refined feelings words.

Ideas for plenary:

Look at Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ 1937. Click here to view image and find out more about it. Look at other images which show people experiencing strong feelings.

Discuss with the children how we can express our feelings through art, poetry, writing, song etc.

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