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session 3: viewing the film, ‘the wrong flowers’



You will view The Wrong Flowers film during this session. You will also require access to the film or clips from the film repeatedly while the children are carrying out this scheme of work.

Input: You may want to provide a reminder that the film is about the schooldays of the artist with learning difficulties, Brenda Cook. This introduction will include discussion about how memory is not linear and how this might be conveyed in film. This film is about memory.

Show the film.

You might want to ask children to look out for different types of shot, eg. close up, wide shot, mid shot, point of view shot; briefly outline how colour can convey mood; discuss what impact sound has on a film narrative etc. (the extent to which you do this will depend on whether children have studied another film prior to this project.)

Show the film again.

Discussion following viewing: Ask the young people questions to check their understanding of the film.

For example:

Ask children about flashback, and talk about how this film goes back into the past and then returns to the present.

What do you think the filmmaker is trying to show when the child Brenda meets with the adult Brenda?

Further discussion following viewing:

Input about film language showing movie clips as examples, or show the film again if necessary. Use the Glossary if required to help explain technical terms and film language.

In groups, ask the young people to look out for the following:


Feed back and discuss what has been observed.

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