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notes for teachers 1-2 reading the poem 3 preparing for the film

4 viewing the film 5-6 working with the film 7-8 adaptation 9-11 responses

12-16 poetry workshop 17-18 storyboard workshop KS3 activities

Sessions 7 - 8: Adaptation


session 7: adapting the poem part 1

Complete the activity in the table below, thinking about how the filmmaker has structured the images, not necessarily following the structure of the poem.

When completing ‘Details of shot - colour / point of view / angle / type of shot’ column, pupils could focus on one aspect and feed back their ideas to the rest of the group.

Lines of poem Brief Description of shot (1st shot in sequence if more than one) Details of shot – colour / point of view/ angle / type of shot / music etc Explanation – how does the image link to the words of poem? What is the impact on the audience?
‘I am wanting to be me, when I was small and picking the wrong flowers’.      
‘I thought I was doing no harm’. Brenda as a child looking through the school railings   Brenda looking in from the outside, unable to say why she is ‘different’. She does not understand why she has been asked to leave, which links with ‘I was doing no harm’
‘Stop picking, you’re on private land’ said my dad. ‘I’d rather I told you than them’.      
‘Because their voices are sharp’.      
‘The sharper voices came from the people from the other side of where I was living’.      
‘They owned the land, they had rights to tell me’.      
‘But my Dad thought I shouldn’t give them the chance’.      
‘It would upset my lessons and put me back, stop me getting on’.      

session 8: adapting the poem part 2

In groups, look at what changes when you adapt a poem to a moving image text. The groups should consider the following:


Pupils should write up ideas about the methods the filmmakers have used to adapt the poem to film.

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