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notes for teachers 1-2 reading the poem 3 preparing for the film

4 viewing the film 5-6 working with the film 7-8 adaptation 9-11 responses

12-16 poetry workshop 17-18 storyboard workshop KS3 activities

Sessions 12-16: Poetry workshop

A sage plant



session 12: write your own poem part 1

1. Over the next few sessions, pupils will think about writing their own poem, using themes from ‘the Wrong Flowers’. They should start with one of the following ideas as inspiration:

2. Before they begin they should brainstorm their ideas and think of stories from their own experience on any of the above themes.

3. They can tell their stories to each other in pairs or small groups.


Write up the ideas from this session as stories for EN3 assessments.

sessions 13 & 14: write your own poem part 2

1. Using their stories pupils should go through and consider how these can be adapted to a poem – they may want to highlight key words / phrases etc to use.

2. Experiment with words and phrases, put these into the order the poem will be written and start to construct the poem.

3. Pupils should produce a rough draft of the poem.

sessions 15 & 16: write your own poem part 3

1. In pairs, pupils should read their poems to a partner and ask for feedback. They may want to rework the poem and perform them to the whole class once they are satisfied the poem is finished.

2. Once the poems are completed, pupils should start to think about how the poems might be adapted to film. The teacher may choose to read through part of Nicola Williams’ script to look at decisions that were made.

Click here to go to the script in the Making the film section.

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