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notes for teachers 1-2 reading the poem 3 preparing for the film

4 viewing the film 5-6 working with the film 7-8 adaptation 9-11 responses

12-16 poetry workshop 17-18 storyboard workshop KS3 activities

Sessions 1 – 2: Reading the poem

Yellow flowers



session 1

Several copies of the poem without punctuation should be prepared to be used as a handout. See session 1, No. 3 below.

1. Brainstorm the word ‘flowers’; discuss the meanings and connotations - places, colours, emotions, occasions. Consider the phrase the ‘picking the wrong flowers.’ When might this happen? What might this phrase mean?

2. In groups, give pupils one of the following lines and get them to consider the context; who might be talking; the moods and emotions suggested; the implied story behind the line.

Pupils should also rehearse, saying the lines out loud, considering the tone of voice and facial expressions might use:

“I am wanting to be me”
“I’d rather I told you than them”
“Because their voices are sharp”
“They had rights to tell me”
“Stop me getting on”
“But I never got anywhere, anyway”

3. In groups give pupils a copy of the poem - not in verses or punctuated. See example below. Pupils should punctuate the poem and put it into verses. Pupils should then explain how they did this.

The Wrong Flowers poem without punctuation:

I am wanting to be me when I was small and picking the wrong flowers I thought I was doing no harm stop picking youre on private land said my dad Id rather I told you than them because their voices are sharp the sharper voices came from the people from the other side of where I was living they owned the land they had rights to tell me but my dad thought I shouldnt give them the chance it would upset my lessons and it would put me back stop me getting on but I never got anywhere anyway there were flowers on the windowsill at school and my school days felt like Id always been picking the wrong flowers

session 2

1. Pupils should prepare a reading considering which words should be stressed and why. Compare this with the original and discuss the choices that the poet has made and how this alters their reading and appreciation of the poem.

2. Pupils should identify the reading strategies that they have used so far i.e. infer and deduce. The next strategy to be used should be highlighted at this point; visualising.

3. The teacher should then identify and highlight the different memories that are represented in the poem.

4. In groups pupils should pick out 2 or 3 phrases or words which they think sum up the message or theme of the poem and explain why they have chosen these.

Following their feedback, the teacher should introduce the importance of the lines:

“It would upset my lessons and it would put me back
Stop me getting on
But I never got anywhere, anyway.”

The teacher should relate this section to last three lines of the poem.


Pupils should produce a collage or series of images which represent the images or ideas the poem has created in their minds in relation to the words or phrases from the poem. This should be used for display work and referred back to once the film has been studied.

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