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notes for teachers 1-2 reading the poem 3 preparing for the film

4 viewing the film 5-6 working with the film 7-8 adaptation 9-11 responses

12-16 poetry workshop 17-18 storyboard workshop KS3 activities

Session 4: Viewing The Wrong Flowers

Brenda crying and holding an iris flower
Brenda soothed by iris


session 4: viewing the film

1. Show the film

2. Discuss the pupils’ first impressions of the film and what they think of the characters.

3. Briefly outline how colour can convey mood in a film. Talk about the pupils impressions of the colours which are most evident in The Wrong Flowers.

4. Talk about the short film as a ‘genre’. Compare to a short story or poem which is written as a piece of text. Explore the conventions of a short film. Choosing specific examples from the stills section, discuss the types of shot used, eg. close up, wide shot, mid shot, point of view shot. Note: You can find the stills in the Additional Materials section, also you may want to use the camera shots list in the Making the Film section to help in this discussion. See links above.

5. Show the film again

6. Introduce the idea that the poem pupils have studied was made into a short film.

7. Further explore the conventions of the short film, focusing on sound and images. Think about what impact the soundtrack has on a film narrative, and how it helps understanding, or conveys new ideas.

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