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This section provides further information about The Wrong Flowers, the director Nicola Williams, the cast and crew lists, and details about the planning process that went into making the film.

These materials were kindly provided by Nicola Williams. They were used during the making of the film, and it is anticipated that they will enhance teachers’ own readings of the film and support their approaches to the classroom study.

more about the film

Nicola using a film camera

Film: The Wrong Flowers

Director: Nicola Williams

Format: 16mm

Screening Format: 16mm

Year: September 2001

Length: 7mins 33 secs

Budget: £10,000

Production company: Picture This Moving Image

Sources of funding: British Film Institute,

South West Media Development Agency

HTV West.



Set in the 1940s, the film is based on a poem by Brenda Cook, a Bristol artist with learning disabilities. The film is a poignant exploration of the young Brenda’s realisation of her differences, and the way in which she creates a vivid fantasy world to stop her sense of individuality being submerged. Brenda Cook herself makes an appearance in the film.


A Picture This Moving Image Production made in collaboration between Picture This Moving Image and art & power, Bristol, UK.

With financial support from the South West Media Development Agency and the British Film Institute.

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