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Notes for teachers

These are notes to help teachers who are thinking about carrying out creative work in the classroom. They were developed by Annabel Davis who wrote the KS2 learning materials, and are aimed at KS2 teachers, but can be made use of by teachers at any level.

question analysis your notes
Where are the children now? How do we know? What do they want to learn?  
What are we trying to achieve? Curriculum objectives. Attitudinal/ critical skills Learning Teaching What can we use that already exists? QCA, teacher net etc  
How are we going to get there? How long will it take? What resources do we need? How are we going to block the time?  
What will the outcome be? What? Who for? When?  
How will we know that the unit has been successful? Focussed feedback, peer assessment Audience response  
How are we going to use the day to best fit the project?
  • Which is the most productive time for the learning?
  • What routines are we going to keep the same?
When is the “chill out” time?
How are we going to use the project to best fit our children?
  • What opportunities are there for the different types of learners in our class?
  • When/ How are we going to tell the children what these will be?

This flow chart (Adobe Acrobat file, 32KB) may also help teachers plan creative sessions.

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