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Key Stage 2 - Fair Furlong School:
‘caught in between’ | haikus | mood & colour poems
‘time to go, time to leave’ | visual art | collages

Key Stage 3 - Cleeve School:
storyboards | analysing the film | poems about being different | a new school

Caught in between 1
When I was a child I would
Run around screaming trying to sing, slapping my teddy bear
Like I was on some TV show I only ripped their
Heads off
But it wasn’t long until I got a new one
When I am an adult I could stay on the dance floor til the
Break of dawn.
Chilling with my mates
Bling bling
Every day
Designer gear comes my way
Girls girls girls come over they get my autograph and they
Walk away
Only one lucky lady stays.
Our kid’s cuter than ever.
Mummy’s my on screen love affair
The kids can watch Mummy and Daddy on TV
Hopefully they fulfil their dreams.
Caught in between the two I am
Happy with my lifeI have got a mum a dad and a sister, ok so
I’m not happy with the last part.
I have my friends behind me all the way.
My life so far is complete, I wouldn’t go back to the past I’m so happy with the past, I’m just getting
Ready for
The Future


Caught in between 2
When I was a child I would
Dress up as a princess, glittery click clack shoes on my feet
Waiting for prince charming to arrive just like the story had said
Every day I would play with my shiny bright toys
Every night I would sleep with my cute teddies
I would dance around the house every opportunity I had
But only when I was a child
Thinking about it now my childhood was a taste of heaven
When I am an adult I could follow my dreams
Learn to drive, cruise around in my convertible
Go on holiday to exotic adventurous places
College is my hope
Being successful is my dream
Meeting a handsome young man
Settling down with a newly born baby
Buying baby clothes tiny cute booties and knitted bonnets
My adult life will be great
Caught in between I am
Shocked that senior school has approached too fast
But enthusiastic that I’m finally going to Withywood School
Getting older by the day
Am I an adult?
Am I a child?
I am trapped


Caught in between 3
When I was a child I could
Cry or scream as much as I want,
Dress up in a beautiful purple dress as a princess,
Get pushed around in a buggy instead of walking
When I am an adult I can
Take driving lessons to drive
Go to bars in any pub,
Spend as much money as I like
Caught in between the two,
I am feeling unwelcome,
But at the same time I feel happy between the two


Caught in between 4
Caught in between the two
When I was young I would
Shout and scream til my face
Went blue
I would get my mum's plants
Tip them out and there would be soil
On the floor and the plant half eaten.
When I am an adult I would be an acrobat
Jumping through the air always saying
"Thank you" to my gym teacher that
Put me there so proudly. I will stand
After a few years holding a new baby
Of my dreams.
Stuck in between the two I am still a
Child - can’t have a baby, can’t be an acrobat
I am trapped between the two. Can’t go
Forwards, can’t go back.

Katherine and Charlotte

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