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Key Stage 2 - Fair Furlong School:
‘caught in between’ | haikus | mood & colour poems
‘time to go, time to leave’ | visual art | collages

Key Stage 3 - Cleeve School:
storyboards | analysing the film | poems about being different | a new school

Colours of my life
Being myself, purple is me
Yellow’s too normal, nice but not quite right
White in my hair, happy days
being myself yellow is me.
Grey, school days, sad grey
Grey memories of bullying, crying, sadness.
The purple forbidden flowers ruined me, ruined it all.
Purple, yellow
Yellow purple
Together they are me.

Rachel, Sophie, Matt and Ryan

I am wanting to be me
I am wanting to be me
Thinking about colours
Purple is special
Purple ribbons, my friend understands
Purple ribbons.
Like the wrong flowers
I was purple.
I always felt
I had picked the wrong flowers.
Yellow is sunshine
Yellow buttercups, I liked to pick
Yellow buttercups
Like the yellow,
I was the sunshine
Sunshine girl my dad always called me a sunshine girl
Grey is dull
grey uniform I couldn’t concentrate
In my grey uniform
I felt so bored
Where was the colour?
Where had it gone?
White is happy
White is sad
Sometimes it made me feel
Really good
Sometimes it made me feel
Really sad
Picking daisies
Making chains
I felt good
Private property
Sign is white
I felt sad
I am wanting to be me
I am wanting to be free

Haydn, Leigh and group

I fear the world outside
I fear the world outside
I felt that everyone is different from me
I felt terrible and hated by the world
I felt that I couldn’t come out to see daylight again.


Left out and lonely
Left out and lonely
I fear the world outside.
I felt that everyone was
Different from me.
I felt terrible and by
The world
I felt that I won’t come out to see daylight again.


Summer poem (influenced by Haiku poetry)
Summer sun shining
Beats are buzzing in your feet
Having happiness
Feeling fine in the sun shine
Having a fun time
Children splashing in the pool.


The bullies
I can feel depression dripping down my body
The fear of school is... is kicking in.
I feel like rejection is written all over my face.
I’m slow, I’m different, I’ll never be normal
But inside I feel confident to face by bullies


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