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Artist profiles: Carol Chilcott

Carol Chilcott

I have been an artist for sixteen years. I paint and draw, I work big and small. I like painting and drawing people more than anything else.

I am the resident artist for the portway players production of Dr Faustus. This means I do the sketches for the scenery for the scenes in the play. Since 1987 I have designed lots of artwork, posters and illustrations for the programmes and education packs. I like doing them.

I sketch set designs during the rehearsals for plays.

I have been in art and power for a long time. I paint and draw at Spike Island. I used to do poems, and I sing with Singing Voices. I’ve also done some acting. I enjoy the challenge of new kinds of art. I sell and exhibit my work. Painting makes me feel good.

Note: To view Carol's drawings made during Faustus rehearsals, go to the Faustus series in the Gallery.

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