About Cherry Orchards
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This section looks at some of the farming activities that take place at Cherry Orchards.


The meadow, planted with wild flowers.

Rudolph Steiner's writings advocate care for, and connection with, the environment. The meadow is a re-creation of one of Britain's historical meadows, which have all but disappeared. It is a haven for a wide range of wildlife.


Cherry Orchards produce on sale at the Farmers' Market.

Farm produce, such as apples, cherries, pumpkins, garlic, aubergines, beetroot, potatoes and parsnips are grown by members of the community, mostly for their own consumption. Cherry Orchards has gained Soil Association accreditation and is able to sell surplus fruit and vegetables labeled "organic" at the local farmers' market.


As well as growing vegetables, Cherry Orchards also farms pigs and cows.

A small number of pigs and cows are kept at Cherry Orchards for milk and meat. Animal welfare is an important consideration, and the animals are well treated during their life and slaughtered at a local abattoir. Community members become quite fond of their animals, but not all are vegetarian!

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