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Paint and Books.

Events and group celebrations that mark the seasons often incorporate arts activities. Some of the work is based around the Christian festivals. Whilst the community is not strongly religious, there is a spiritual element to the work and it tends to follow the order of the liturgical and seasonal calendar as these help to mark the passing of time and give specified times to reflect.

This project shows some of the wide range of daily activities. Many of these, such as the running of an organic farm and the day-to-day cooking and housekeeping are essential to the community, and also help to give people a sense of worth. For further information about the farming activities at Cherry Orchards, please see the Cherry Orchards section.

The art work on this site has been produced by members of the community recovering from mental health problems, European co-workers and full time managers. In keeping with community's ethics on equality no distinction has been made between these groups.

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