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Art and craft

Art therapy training
City and Guilds Anthroposophy Art Therapy site, offering insight into the type of art therapy used at Cherry Orchards.

Egg decorating and colouring
Practical illustrated guide to blowing and decorating eggs. Aimed at children.

Kolonok Art Supplies
Watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint brushes.

Hibernia Anthroposophical Therapy Trainings
Hibernia is a school which trains art therapists to work in the anthroposophical way found at Cherry Orchards. This page provides more information for those interested in learning about the differences between this and conventional art therapy. It also features an art gallery and information about other courses.

How to Decorate Easter Eggs
Informative site offering methods in blowing and decorating eggs. If you have been inspired by the Cherry Orchards eggs you may find something on this site to help you create your own, or to find out about other ways of decorating eggs.

Hungarian Easter Eggs - Hungarian Heritage Museum
Many of the co-workers at Cherry Orchards are from Hungary. Some of our eggs have been decorated in traditional Hungarian style. To see more beautifully decorated Hungarian eggs and learn about the Hungarian tradition of egg decorating visit this site.

Pysanky Eggs
Beautiful site dedicated to the Eastern European Pysanky style of egg decorating. A few of the Cherry Orchards eggs are decorated in a simple Pysanky style. On this site you can see more complex designs. The site includes instructions on the wax/dye technique, and painted eggs can be purchased from this site.

Spirit Working
Site about various types of art therapy and how they work.
Essay about Anthroposophical Art Therapy including the wet on wet painting technique used at Cherry Orchards.

Wet on wet painting
This site is aimed at informing people about Warldorf education curriculum for parents teaching children at home. This page includes a practical section on how to do wet on wet painting which is used for the Cherry Orchards painting workshop featured on the site.

Veil painting
Veil painting is a type of wet on wet water colour painting. This is often used in therapeutic activities in Cherry Orchards. The site contains links to some examples.

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Creative writing

The Art of Writing Instant Muse Facilities
Ideal for the stuck writer or beginner. The site includes tools such as poetry prompt and story starter. Ideal to use for inspiration in exercises that would normally require a partner. Many of the Cherry Orchards activities need more than one person. This site allows the computer to be like a second person. A good starting point for creating dream stories, or other absurd writing.

Emerson College
Much of Cherry Orchards’ writing is based on the exercises of Paul Matthews, a teacher at Emerson College UK. This site detail short writing courses for anyone interested in developing themselves through writing.

Kids on the net
This site is aimed at children and teachers. It has some fun interactive activities and ideas for writing. Most of the exercises done at Cherry Orchards require a writing partner, with this site the computer can be used as a partner. Not very 'anthroposophical' but lots of fun, and a great introduction to get children into creative writing.

PIZZAZ - people Interested in Zippy and Zany Zcribbling
A site with lots of fun writing resources. The site includes instructions on how to write diamond poems (diamente) and other types of writing exercises used at Cherry Orchards.

A great site for sparking off creativity by finding and creating new words. These kind of exercises are often used as to “warm-up” at Cherry Orchards. Here you can warm up your writing online.

Scriptito’s Place
A writing site for children, offering advice on aspects of writing and illustration. Includes online writing competitions for children, stories for children by children, and book reviews.

Writing prompts
Selection of ideas for creative writing.

Writing Therapy
Taurus Voice works with residents at Cherry Orchards in many of the creative writing sessions. This is their web site, including details of workshops.

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Farming and gardening

BBC organic farming report
Accessible article about organic farming, and links to other sites.

Biodynamic farming and gardening
Introduction to biodynamic farming, as used in part at Cherry Orchards. This includes scientific explanations of the biodynamic farming method. Unfortunately the specific calendars and advice offered on this page are tailored to the USA’s climate and seasons.

Giant Pumpkins Online's%20pages/gallery.htm
If you’ve been inspired to beat Cherry Orchards’ 105kg pumpkin record, then take a look at this site. It has a fantastic gallery of pumpkin pictures, and a day by day webcam to watch pumpkins grow is planned for the future.

Go-Organic frequently asked questions
A site with answers to questions about organic food production. There are also some delicious looking recipes on this site.

Green Roof and Earth Sheltered Buildings
Many people ask why we have a turf roof at Cherry Orchards. This site provides information about turf roofs and shows various examples from around the country.

Garden Advice
This section of the site provides practical advice on how to create a wildflower meadows and other wildlife gardens.

Organic Techniques
User friendly site with lots of advice on how to grow organic vegetables, and lots of recipes to use them in.

Pumpkin ID Chart
Cherry Orchards gardeners pride themselves on their production of organic pumpkins - over 400kg in 2002, including a 105kg (7.7stone) pumpkin! They grow many types including Atlantic Giants and Blue pumpkins. If you have tried the Cherry Orchards pumpkin recipes, and are now a fan, then this site is great. Also great organic food and farming information for children, including some teaching and learning materials.

The Soil Association
Cherry Orchards is a member of the Soil Association, a British organisation supporting organic farmers.

Wild Flower Meadow
At Cherry Orchards there is a wildflower meadow, containing many different types of grass and flowers. This site looks at wildflower meadows and gives advice on creating one.

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Rudolph Steiner

The Anthroposophy Network
General introduction to anthroposophy or wisdom of man. Includes anthroposophical daily wisdom in form of a Soul Calendar - for English Translation click “Mann & Mann”. Also discussion panels on Waldorf education. Free membership is required for discussions.

Camphill Communities
A network of Steiner communities built with people of all ages who have developmental or learning disabilities, recognising the potential, dignity, spiritual integrity and contribution of each individual.

The Goetheanum
A building designed by Rudolph Steiner and built in 1925 to be used for teaching spiritual science. A guided tour shows pictures of the interior and exterior of the building and includes the first Goetheanum, which was burnt down, plus other Steiner-influenced buildings.

Rudolf Steiner Archive
General introduction to Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy also known as wisdom of man. Includes biography, archives of lectures and links to other sites. Also includes anthroposophical bookshop.

Rudolf Steiner’s Blackboard Drawings
Gallery of Steiner’s blackboard illustrations and accompanying short lectures.

Rudolph Steiner Videos
Videos to order. Includes good picture of Goetheanum, Steiner’s school.

Steiner Books Anthroposophic Press
Another introduction to Steiner including biography with links to his work - quite user friendly. Extensive range of Steiner related books. Includes reviews and excerpts of books. A nice site for children’s books on a variety of topics from sleep to Celtic mythology.

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