Digitised: Communities Online
What’s it all about?

Documentary portraiture project by photographer John Frederick Anderson.


Community photography project based in inner city Bristol


Visual art, photography, poetry, decorate eggs, poetry and prose from a Steiner community.


Photographic and cultural exchange project involving young people from Bristol and Oporto.


A collection of music, movies, animations and more by young people participating in creative digital media projects at Watershed.


Visual art, poetry, theatre performance and film made by artists with learning difficulties.


The New Opportunities Fund was active up till 2004 as a Lottery Distributor, awarding grants to education, health, and environmental projects throughout the UK, and focusing particularly on those in society who are most disadvantaged. In June 2004 the Big Lottery Fund was created by merging the New Opportunities Fund and the Community Fund. It will hand out half the money for good causes from the National Lottery. For more information see the Big Lottery.

NOF-digi, the New Opportunities digitisation programme was a national initiative that took place between 1999 and 2004, and provided a unique model for the creation of innovative online learning resources for the potential benefit of every citizen in the UK. The programme brought together a wide range of partnerships representing the community and voluntary sectors, local authorities, libraries and archives, museums, further and higher education, and the private sector. For more information go to the NOF web site.

Digitisation projects aim to support lifelong learning under one of three broad themes; cultural enrichment, citizenship, and reskilling. Over 150 web resources have been created, including Digitised: Communities Online, converting previously inaccessible materials including texts, maps, drawings, photos, film and sound recordings into digital format that is now archived electronically and published online. In common with other projects, Digitised: Communities Online provides interactive and interpretative material to enhance and support source materials, and encourage further learning. To view other digitisation projects see EnrichUK.

To ensure maximum longevity, accessibility and searchability material has been digitised, archived and published in accordance to rigourous technical guidelines provided by the New Opportunities Fund technical advisory service. For more information see the NOF-digi technical advisory service.

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