Digitised: Communities Online
Aims & Objectives

Documentary portraiture project by photographer John Frederick Anderson.


Community photography project based in inner city Bristol


Visual art, photography, poetry, decorate eggs, poetry and prose from a Steiner community.


Photographic and cultural exchange project involving young people from Bristol and Oporto.


A collection of music, movies, animations and more by young people participating in creative digital media projects at Watershed.


Visual art, poetry, theatre performance and film made by artists with learning difficulties.


Through the provision of online publishing resources Digitised: Communities Online sought to:

  • support artists, creative practitioners, teachers, community organisations, and project participants by creating a high profile public presence in order to promote new and existing talent and help it emerge onto wider markets.
  • encourage creative and innovative application of new technologies and develop the potential of digital media as a creative tool.
  • ensure that the vibrant cultural diversity of Bristol and the South West was reflected in the work published.
  • actively encourage participation from sections of the community at risk of social exclusion and those currently without access to digital technology in order to enhance equality of opportunity for creative development and use of new media literacy.
  • underpin publishing projects with the opportunity for skills and practice development in order to empower participants with the means of production, and embed sustainability.
  • promote a wider and deeper understanding of cultural practice through provision of online learning resources.
  • develop and share models of good practice in a medium that is rapidly changing and growing.