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Documentary portraiture project by photographer John Frederick Anderson.


Community photography project based in inner city Bristol


Visual art, photography, poetry, decorate eggs, poetry and prose from a Steiner community.


Photographic and cultural exchange project involving young people from Bristol and Oporto.


A collection of music, movies, animations and more by young people participating in creative digital media projects at Watershed.


Visual art, poetry, theatre performance and film made by artists with learning difficulties.


About reveal

“Fantastic images it makes me want to meet the people who they represent.” - Daniel Multon.

“The website is very impressive, easy to get around, great images and very quick to access.” - Richard Sneddon.

“Just what I was looking for to help me with my project.” - student.

About Neighbourhood

“I visited Neighbourhood to find out more about photography and look at examples of creative online projects. In the resources I liked the material for photography research, the material for schoolwork, the explanatory pictures and animations.” - Peter Kilminster, student and photographer.

“I heard about Neighbourhood from a search engine, I was looking up general info on aperture and shutter speed to make a website for a community photography class I am teaching. This is a wonderful website and organization, very clear, very meaningful, and well...perfect. Thank you! Well done, the material for photography research, and the teaching resources are very useful.” - student, photographer, and artist.

“In the resources I liked the material for photography research, the material for schoolwork. This site is fantastic, clear and easy to understand, brilliant diagrams and explanations. I’ve passed the first part of my photography course at Weston College and the site really helped me understand. Thank you!” - Weston College student, email address given.

About Cherry Orchards

“I visited Cherry Orchards to find out about art, photography and creativity as a therapeutic process, this site is a good reflection of the values aspired to at Cherry Orchards.” - Cherry Orchards associate, email address given.

“Using the site was quick and easy, thanks to useful help and search facilities.” - Cherry Orchards resident, student, photographer, and Watershed customer.

About Imagem

“In the resources I was interested in architecture of Bristol and Oporto, finding teaching resources I can use in the classroom.” - teacher.

“I have really enjoyed looking through this site. In the resources I was interested in photography of Bristol and Oporto. Well done it is a great site and I am proud to have my work on it.” - Imagem participant.

“Congratulatios for the web site of IMAGEM. It is fantastic. I loved it very much.” - Cristina Maria Louren; Portuguese teacher at Escola de Bagium, Oporto.

About Alchemy

“I accessed material by going straight to Alchemy, using the navigation menus to browse all projects. To use Alchemy was quick and easy with well-designed navigation. Alchemy creative content was easy to access. Great to have a showcase for young people’s creative talent.” - Liz Milner, Animate + creative producer.

“Excellent content. Some talent here.” - Noel Goodwin, Connexions West of England.

About Faustus

“I visited art + power because I know some one who took part in it, I want to see my work in the play, I enjoy the portway players. Very good website it shows people in the world my work. I ride the bike two years and tell people in the world. My further comments: last performance of Faustus I was not well, I would like a photograph of me in the Wickham Theatre in the grape scene in the play, to go on the website, sorry I tell you, sorry I not well in Old Vic, now I’m back in the play, how was the website started?” - George Trmal, art + power artist.

“In the Faustus resources I liked the material that provided ideas about performance by learning disabled artists, teaching materials, workshop exercises and games to try in groups.” - Amanda, art + power admin worker.

About The Wrong Flowers

“The whole project seems like a really intriguing approach to learning and engaging with all sorts of subject areas and concepts and looks good too - well done to you all!” - Liz Milner, Animate + creative producer.

“I think the website is wonderful - really clear, practical and inspiring. I would love to have another shot at teaching the project using it especially with all the extra information. It would just bring it even more alive for the children.” - Annabel Davis, teacher who used The Wrong Flowers short film in the classroom as part of the development of the learning resource.

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