A visit to Bristol
Escola de Bagium sack race
Escola de Bagium skipping
Escola de Bagium tug of war
Oporto clapping game
Oporto clock figures
Oporto McDonald's
Oporto tram ride
Portuguese dancers
Statue of Vimara Peres
TV rollover image
More about Imagem

In this section there are photos taken by Jo Hansford, Knowle West Media Centre Photography Development Worker, documenting the Imagem project, showing some of the highlights of the exchange visits in Bristol and Oporto, and the interactions of the young people.

Tanya Hazell and Royston Smith from Knowle West also documented the project using digital video, shooting footage in both Bristol and Oporto, and a selection of their work can be accessed from the video menu.

You can use the Bristol and Oporto maps in this section to locate where the Bristol and Oporto young people live, where they go to school, where they stayed during their visits, and where they took photos.

maps of UK and Portugal Map of UK. Click to see Bristol map Map of Portugal. Click to see Oporto map