This section features the photography of the young people taking part in the Imagem project. Use the Bristol or Oporto list to select which city you want to see pictures of.

Taking photographs on Clifton Suspension bridge

All young people and some of the project leaders took photos in Bristol and Oporto, and if you select a name on the left hand side, you will be taken on a personal journey of the city of your choice, through the photos of each contributor.

On Pero's bridge

The Portuguese young people took photos as a group in Oporto, which are arranged into one series. This visual tour of Oporto will show you the city as seen by its young people.

Taking pictures in Millennium Square

Each image in the gallery has further information explaining more about the location, and providing useful facts and figures.

Create your own slide show

To set up your own slide show of selected creative content from the gallery, follow these steps:

Go to the front page of the Digitised: Communities Online site - you can do this by clicking on the Digitised logo at the top of any page of the site.

Taking photographs on a ferry trip

Click on Find Creative Content in the menu bar along the top

Enter your search term - you can select one of the young people by name, or a location you are interested in. Use the Advanced search if you want to be more specific. Click on Search.

Click on View Slide Show, and adjust settings as required, you can control the quality of the images and the time each one stays on the screen. When you are happy with the settings, click on Create Slide Show, then click the logo to play the slide show you have created.