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Food and drink - Bristol | Oporto

There are local food and drink specialities from both the Oporto and Bristol regions. Here is your chance to find out what local dishes people from both cities enjoy, and you can even try your hand at making some of them, using the recipes suggested.

Bristol and South West England - Food | Recipes


As Bristol is situated in the South West of England, and this is a major farming area, many regional dishes use a lot of dairy products. The cows on the lush pastures of Devon and Cornwall produce rich, creamy milk which is used to make butter, ice cream, clotted cream and a variety of cheeses. Cheddar, a well-known hard mature cheese, originates from the small town of Cheddar in Somerset, a short distance from Bristol, and is now made all around the world.


Another famous South West speciality is the Cornish pasty, which the tin miners in Cornwall used to take down the mines with them. They are made from beef, potatoes, swede and onion, all wrapped up in a pastry case.


A popular local sweet speciality is the Bath bun, which is a bit like a scone. Created by 17th century baker Sally Lunn, these bread-like buns with dried fruit are still baked and sold in the city of Bath. Another rich delicacy is clotted cream, which is often made into ice cream, or most famously served as part of the 'cream tea'. The 'cream tea' is a pot of tea, served with milk and sugar, accompanied by Bath buns or scones, jam and clotted cream. This is a traditional treat in Devon and Cornwall, but can be enjoyed in tea shops all over Britain.

Bread is important in the English diet, and there are many varieties available. It is used for sandwiches, toast, and in the so-called ploughman's lunch, popular in pubs, where bread and cheese is accompanied by pickles, salad, an apple and a pint of bitter or cider.

This is an old-fashioned bread, made using wheat flour with rye and barley meal.



The apple orchards of Somerset have long been the source of cider, a West Country speciality. Taunton is the home of the scrumpy variety, which is cloudy and notoriously strong.


The sherry 'Harvey's Bristol Cream' was first produced in the city by the Harvey family and is now a worldwide export.

Bristol cream

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