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Many local dishes are made from fish and seafood, lamb and pork. One favourite dish is tripas a moda do Porto - Oporto style tripe. This is made from tripe, haricot beans, spicy sausage, ham, pig's ears and trotters and is cooked in a broth with onions, paprika and caraway seeds. It is served with rice and you can find the recipe below.

A favourite fish dish is peixe Oporto - baked fish with port wine sauce.  It is made from sea bream, eggs, cream, paprika and port wine.

Fish is often served grilled, and fresh sardines are a favourite for barbeques.


Bacalhau, or dried cod is another popular speciality, and is made into many different recipes, such as pasteis de bacalhau, which are cod fishcakes. These are made from dried cod, boiled potatoes, onions, garlic and parsley, minced up with egg, shaped into balls and fried in olive oil.

A favourite dessert is pudim caramelo. This is very similar to crème caramel and is made from eggs, milk and sugar, and is especially good when 'caserio' - homemade. Along similar lines is the well-loved delicacy, pastéis de nata, or egg custard tart.

pudim caramelo

Bread is an important part of the Portuguese diet, and a popular bread is the sweetish massa sovada enriched with eggs, butter and milk.



The most famous drink to originate from Oporto is port. This fortified wine is made from the grapes that grow on the banks of the River Douro and it has been produced in the city for hundreds of years.

There are also many local wines - vinho verde da casa - both red and white, which are available in nearly every restaurant in the city. They are light and fizzy and can be drunk with almost anything.


Coffee also plays an important part in the social life of Oporto, with people sitting for hours in cafés, enjoying freshly brewed coffee.


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