Camiah in Bristol

I liked quite a lot of the photos that I took in Bristol, more so than the ones I took in Portugal. My favourite picture is the one I took on the boat trip we went on, of the multi-coloured houses on the hill. This is something you see a lot in Bristol, which I haven’t seen anywhere else. I was happy that I focused just on these, without getting lost among all the other houses and buildings around them.

What I like the most about Bristol is the fact that each area is completely different, which means that when you go out, there is a lot of variety. There are also some nice parks and open spaces – like Blaise Castle and Ashton Court. I like the wide range of shops in the city centre, and the markets. I also think that there are places like Clifton and Gloucester Road, which have a lot of individual character. The other good thing about Bristol is its position, sandwiched between the countryside and London, so that you get the best of both.

All in all, the Imagem project was really interesting for me. It was also great to be able to see the Portuguese students when they were here, and be able to show them around Bristol.

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Corn Street Clifton Suspension Bridge View of Clifton from the Suspension Bridge Clifton Suspension Bridge Clifton Suspension Bridge Clifton Suspension Bridge Corn Street Corn Street Corn Street Ferry trip Cumberland Basin Coloured houses in Cliftonwood The Matthew Streets in Clifton Village Clifton Suspension Bridge