Camiah in Oporto

Our trip to Portugal was really fun, and I am glad I was able to take part. The whole experience was amazing. I enjoyed just being somewhere completely different, and walking around, taking pictures that would capture what it was like to be in Portugal, and of the architecture of Oporto. I also enjoyed going shopping because there were all different types of clothes; trying the Portuguese food, and of course, meeting the students, which I would never have had the chance to do, otherwise.

My favourite place in Oporto would have to be the school, because we were made to feel welcome, and we had a lot of fun. Even their school dinners were nice!

However, when it came to the architecture, the best place would have to be the riverside in the old town – Ribeira. The houses were all on different levels, and I thought the buildings themselves were really charming to look at, especially with the reflections in the water. I did take a photo of this scene, and I think it came out really well. It always reminds me of what it was like in Portugal. I also liked the group of houses near the youth hostel – sadly I didn’t take a photo of them! I wish I had, because they were really old-fashioned, and each house was unique. They had a lot of character.

The aspects of Oporto that struck me the most were that it was so clean, and that it has a wonderful sense of community. I hope that my photographs take you through some of my journey.

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View of Ribeira from Gaia Oporto centre By the River Douro By the River Douro Oporto city centre View towards Pelourinho spire at Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral Fnac bookshop in Rua de Santa Catarina Oporto city centre View of Ribeira from Gaia Outside Sao Bento station Oporto city centre Houses, Oporto View from the Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral