Eloise in Oporto

My favourite photo is the one I took of all the houses in the old town, reflected in the water, down at the waterfront. I liked this place a lot, it was a mixture of old and modern – the bridge there is new and modern looking, but most of the houses are very old.

I took several images inside the São Bento railway station. I thought the tiling had really interesting designs and that they care so much about the interior of their buildings there. Compared to Temple Meads in Bristol, it is better decorated, and I also like the effect of the towered houses covered in tiles. I thought it was really interesting and totally different to what you would get here in Bristol. Some of the details in the church caught my eye too. I think the church spire I photographed is very ornate and pretty.

I really enjoyed myself and although I have been to America, Spain, France and Italy, for example, it was totally different to anywhere else I have been.It was more traditional and less equipped for tourists – which is better if you like architecture and tradition.

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Batalha de Ceuta detail Batalha de Ceuta detail Batalha de Ceuta Batalha de Ceuta View from the Se Cathedral Ribeira Square Houses on Ribeira Square The Cube sculpture Ponte de Dom Luis 1 Ribeira old town View from the Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral View from the Se Cathedral Pelourinho spire at Se Cathedral Alleyway, Oporto Houses, Oporto Oporto station clock