Eloise in Bristol

Of the photos I took in Bristol I have three favourites – the ones which are all darker, more mysterious shots of things on the waterfront – the horned bridge, the cranes, and the SS Great Britain. They reflect my personality, and the mood I was in that day, which is what I like about photography. I think these are the strongest of the images. But the others do also show interesting aspects of architecture on the waterside and in the Centre – for instance, I like the way the view of Corn Street shows all the varied buildings all the way up to St Nicholas’ market.

I also think an interesting aspect of architecture is boats, as I have always been interested in this kind of thing - my Dad used to build boats himself. And there are as many varieties of boats as there are of houses.

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Pizza Provencale, Clifton The Industrial Museum Pizza Provencale, Clifton Ferry trip New bridge in Hotwells harbour The Loyal Supporter, Hotwells The Matthew Corn Street Hotwells New flats at The Point Hotwells Pizza Provencale, Clifton View up Corn Street The Architecture Centre Pero's Bridge View across Harbourside The horned bridge at dusk Linford, Terri-Ann & Sarah (left to right) about to leave the docks on a ferryboat Dave Howe New flats, Hotwells