Colston in Oporto

My favourite photo that I took in Oporto is the one I took of the washing hanging from the old houses. I like this because it is different to what you see in England, it caught my eye. The rest of my photos are of the old town, which I thought was different, but a bit run down. Also the old town has a lot more history than Bristol does. There are specific parts that I found fun in Oporto, these are; visiting the young peoples school, being in the youth hostel with my friends, going shopping, and getting lost in the town.

I also liked the food; for example, the fish, as it is very popular there. The Portuguese young people were very friendly and fun to be with, but hard to understand because of their accents, although they spoke good English.

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Ribeira Square View from the Se Cathedral View of Oporto old city Oporto centre Ribeira old town