Linford in Oporto

The photos that I took in Porto are mainly of architecture, this is because the construction of their buildings is much more interesting than the red brick or concrete houses that I am used to. I found that some of the buildings may have looked dilapidated, but really I felt that they had a hidden beauty.

I have also taken some pictures of people, this is because I think that the way a person acts or reacts in a photo can change the whole mood of the photo.

I really enjoyed this project, the things that I have enjoyed the most are; meeting young people of a different culture, visiting somewhere new and exciting, spending time with the friends from Porto and of course the Portuguese coffee is the best I have ever tasted. I LOVED Oporto and I really want to return to their relaxed way of life.

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Watching the day's video footage, Oporto Watching the day's video footage, Oporto Houses, Oporto Tram, Oporto View of Ribeira from Gaia Oporto centre