The magic circle, rehearsal sketch Carol Chilcott Visual Arts, Drawing, Two-Dimensional, Unframed, One Of Series, Documentary, Outsider Art, Communication Skills, Community Celebration, Community Development, Creativity, Confidence Buildiing, Disability, Experimental, Pleasure/Enjoyment, Practice, Process, Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Selfesteem, Social Documentary, Teamwork, Technology, City, Urban, Adult, Disabled/Disability Group, Mixed Age Group, Special Education Group, Impaired Mobility, Learning Difficulty, Speech Impairment, Drawn, Pen, Marker Pen, Paper, Cartridge Paper Sketch drawn during rehearsals for the performance for Faustus Watershed Media Centre 2004-04-01 Image image/jpeg 49534 en-uk gb iso 3166-1 Copyright Carol Chilcott 2004 The magic circle, rehearsal sketch Carol Chilcott Watershed Media Centre Paddy 49534 24 bits 524 x 480 pixels; 72 dpi sRGB