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By Fee Barton, Jan Carter, Helen Dooley, Sue Dowd, Jacqui Harrison, Chris Jones, Amy Lloyd-Jones, and Libby Studerus.

A community based photography project examining the theme of neighbourhood in the Bristol inner city area from its inhabitants’ point of view, representing aspects of the environment, people and everyday objects which they find interesting and beautiful.

The M32 motorway cuts a slice through north Bristol and effectively divides the neighbourhood. St Werburghs and nearby St Pauls lie just to the west of the M32; Easton and adjacent Greenbank are to the east. The area is further bisected by railways, the River Frome which follows the line of the M32, and a series of well used footpaths, subways and cycle tracks. The participants of this project live, work, socialise and bring up their families in this area so it easily became the location for photographic interest.

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