images from the project

About Neighbourhood

By Fee Barton, Jan Carter, Helen Dooley, Sue Dowd, Jacqui Harrison, Chris Jones, Amy Lloyd-Jones, and Libby Studerus.

A community based photography project examining the theme of neighbourhood in the Bristol inner city area from its inhabitants' point of view, representing aspects of the environment, people and everyday objects, which they find interesting and beautiful.

Images document the environment, the people, and the events taking place over the duration of the project. Issues that were of interest to the group are represented in the choice of images: a concern about community safety, public transport, a desire to celebrate the liveliness and diversity of the inner city, appreciation of witty and creative elements such as graffiti, the contrast of decay and degradation of rubbish and abandoned buildings found in close proximity to pockets of surprising greenery and growth such as parks, allotments and the City Farm.

The private sphere is also represented, with some members of the group photographing objects in their gardens they had never taken much notice of before, or domestic items found in shops according to colour in order to experiment with composition. As parents, participants were keen to photograph their children and make a visual record of playful moments. Mostly this collection of images is about people using photography to represent their experiences of living in the inner city, and finding everyday objects and situations to celebrate.