Evaluation sheet

Please fill in this form to help us plan future art archives and learning resources. If you have any specific questions, contact us at digitised@watershed.co.uk.

1. Who are you?
a student
a teacher
a photographer
an artist
a Watershed customer
a Watershed course participant
a Neighbourhood project participant
Other, please specify:

2. How old are you?
Under 13 years old
Between 13 and 25 years old
Between 26 and 60 years old
Over 65.

3. How did you hear about Neighbourhood?
Watershed publicity
A link from Watershed site
A search engine
New Opportunities Fund portal site
Curriculum online.
Word of mouth
Found it by accident
A link from another web site: Please specify

4. Why did you visit Neighbourhood?
To find out more about photography
To find out about examples of creative projects online
I took part in it
I know some one who took part in it
Other reason: Please state:

5. How did you look at the material once on the site?
I browsed through using the navigation provided
I searched using site search facility
I looked at the site map

6. How easy was it to view the site?
quick and easy to use with well designed navigation
useful help and search facilities
not enough explanation about the content
not enough explanation about the site
Add further information here if you like

7. Have you visited the learning resource?
no, didn't want to use it
no, didn't know it was there

8. If so, what did you find of value in the resource? (you may tick more than one box)
material for photography research
material for schoolwork / college coursework
teaching resources
project ideas for creative work with young people
the games
the pictures and diagrams
nothing of value

9. Will you use the resource again?
Add further comments below:

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