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Arts Organisations and Funding.

One purpose of this site is to identify shortfalls in the general provision of computer equipment, software and services on the information super highway for people with disabilities and then initiate projects to correct and overcome such situations.
Good links for general arts funding information.

The Artists Information Company
Artists newsletter online. A useful source of articles, news, and funding opportunities for UK artists.

Arts & Business
Promoting partnerships between art and business.

Arts Council England
The central resource for arts funding in England. Includes information on regional arts boards, national projects and initiatives for artists.

Scottish Arts Council
Information about funding and project news for Scotland.

Arts Council of Wales
Information about funding and project news for Wales.

Arts Council of Northern Ireland Information about funding and project news for Northern Ireland.

British Arts
An arts funding site for the UK, lots of advice, information and useful links for people seeking funding for arts projects.

Chamber of Commerce
UK Chamber of Commerce site, useful for contacting possible sources of business sponsorship.

Millennium Commission
The Commission uses money raised by the National Lottery to encourage both large and small community based projects. There is information and advice about how to apply on this site.

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts aims to fund outstanding and innovative ideas and the people who have them. By supporting talent, NESTA hope to provide a real boost to the UK’s economic, cultural and creative capital.

Princes Trust
A UK charity that helps young people overcome barriers and get their lives working. Offers practical support including training, mentoring and financial assistance to help 14-30 year olds realise their potential and transform their lives.

Public Art Online
The public art resource provided by Public Art South West. Aims to provide a useful contribution to the critical debate around public art practice, the sharing of knowledge and good practice, and funding information.

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Community Photography

Building Community Through Photography
Community photography project from Denver, USA.

Google Directory

The Google page for community photography links.

Knowle West Media Project,
A community media project using film, video, photography and digital media in order to raise the profile of arts and media and provide exciting experiences for young people in South Bristol, UK.

Mount Pleasant Media Project
Community Media Project based in Southampton, UK with an archive on community photography.

A community photography project using disposable cameras.

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National Open College Network
Information about National Open College Network qualifications. The National Open College Network is the UK's foremost provider of accreditation services for adult learning.

City & Guilds
Information about City & Guilds qualifications. City & Guilds is the leading provider of vocational qualifications in the UK.

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General photography links
Online Photography Community with news, camera reviews, articles, galleries, photo sharing, tips, discussion, webspace, webmail, links and more. Covering digital and film.

Photo Links
A searchable database of photography links.

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History of Photography

American Museum of Photography
This link gives a brief history of the carte de visite.

Brownie Camera Page
A site which documents the history of the Kodak Brownie camera.

Encyclopaedia Britannica
The Britannica site which gives good historical background about various photographic movements. Searchable for subject of choice. Free subscription available.

Farm Security Administration
Information about photographs taken by the American FSA photographers, which greatly affected public understanding of social issues during the Depression years.

Hall of Photography
Find out more about many of the pioneers of photography - includes useful information about Farm Security Administration photographers, Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, and many others.

History Matters
A useful section about modern documentary photography.

History of Photography
An excellent general resource for photo history with separate listings for individual photographers of historical importance.

Masters of Photography
This site gives information about many photographers who are listed by name in alphabetical order.

National Museum of Photography, Film and Television,
The Museum's renowned collection includes more than three million items of historical, social and cultural value including the RPS collection of historical prints.

Open Directory Project
This link provides information about the history and practice of documentary photography.

Photo Net
A site which provides information about the popularising of photography and a forum for photographic practitioners.

This site gives more specific information about American photo movements.

Royal Photographic Society
The Royal Photographic Society site which offers good historical background and other useful information.

Social Documentary Photography
A good general article about social documentary photography.

Street Photography
Site with information about the street photography of Victorian social theorist, Henry Mayhew, who in 1861 wrote “London Labour and the London Poor; A Cyclopaedia Of The Conditions And Earnings Of Those That Will Work, Those That Cannot Work, And Those That Will Not Work."

Yahoo History of Photography
This link gives information about the history of photography.