ideas: mounting and display

Mounting and display

Mounting on board

Use heavy mounting card which you can get from art shops or Scrap Stores. Alternatively, you can use a lighter card which can be laminated.

Spray Mount, lightly used, will allow you to reposition the photos before they are dry and prevent buckling. If you have a lot of work to mount, carpet spray can be a cheaper alternative.

Line a large cardboard box with newspaper and tilt the box on its side. Put the prints inside the box face down and spray. This method contains the spray which can go everywhere otherwise. It is a good idea to let the glue get a bit tacky before finally positioning your prints. A dab of white spirit or petrol on a soft cloth or paper towel, allowed to dry, will remove stray spraymount without marking.

A cheaper and healthier alternative to Spray Mount is to use a stick glue like Pritt. Turn the print over on newspaper, run the glue around the edges, and finish by making an "X" from corner to corner.

cartoon: a woman with glue and paper stuck all over her!