Neighbourhood Images


The motorway is resented by many as an obstacle dividing the communities of Easton on one side, and St Pauls and St Werburghs on the other. Movement between localities has become a community safety issue, and Junction 3, the nearest to the City Centre, in particular, is a site for continued demonstrations. On this demo, the traffic was stopped and although real issues were addressed, it was a day out for all the family.

"A great demo, lots of feeling about community safety. Of course nothing's been done and some of the subways have even been blocked up which has led to children having to cross a busy dual carriageway. My children witnessed a horrific event when one of their friends was knocked down on this road at half term. Fortunately this nine year old girl is recovering but others have not been so lucky."


"Every day I have to cross the M32 either over the bridge or through the underpass. It does create a barrier between the communities of Easton and St Pauls especially at night. The protest was a time for me to say that I felt St Werburghs and St Pauls were part of my community, and although there are these barriers, we can get together and have a good time."


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