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About reveal


Set in Bristol over a period of two and a half years, reveal is a documentary photography project allowing 36 young people between the ages of 17 years and 21 years to make a series of images showing their lives through portraiture in the city in which they live. The result is an historical document that explores a city, and reveals identities.

Photographer John Frederick Anderson asked each participant to choose two locations for black and white portraits that represented aspects of their lives at this time. Many were taken in homes or public spaces where they would go to meet with friends. Around these portraits, the photographer took two colour photographs as observations based on informed discussion.

These often focused on the belongings, objects, or places of significance to the individual participant. The degree of co-authorship varied from person to person. This resulting body of work comprises over 120 highly personal images, a unique insight into the life of a city as revealed by its inhabitants.

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