The making of reveal

1.1 Aims & rationale 1.2 Me and my camera 1.3 From idea to exhibition 1.4 Audio files
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arrow Audio: John Fredrick Anderson | Pete | Ruth - Bar Latino Trousers Objects & Gas Works Ruins

Ruth Part 3 of 4

objectsarrow Objects
The colour shot at the gasworks I chose to have done because I’d seen the little broken tricycle when I was down there a few weeks ago collecting stuff for art. We thought we'd put my bag in the shot because I take my bag with me everywhere: my life’s sort of carried in there and it’s decorated with all these bizarre badges that I found in a collection I had when I was about five. We put my hat in there; it’s called my blue pixie hat, that I wear all the time in the Winter when I’m out, especially when I’m out at free parties and stuff like that. People will come up with all kinds of bizarre names for me based on the hat; it’s how people recognise me when I’m out.

arrow Gas Works
I love being in there. I think it’s a really inspirational place. I’ve been there early in the morning before with one of my friends. Just to see the early morning sun sort of reflecting off the ruins and all the objects strewn around... it’s quite breathtaking. I think it’s got a sort of desolate beauty and it’s just such an interesting place to be.