6.1 Evaluation 6.2 Comments by email
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reveal evaluation

We welcome your feedback which will help us to improve the Digitised: Communities Online project for all viewers, and plan our future online publishing programme. Please answer the questions and if you have any further comments add them in the space provided. We will put selected comments into a comments book (click to read other visitor’s comments) for other viewers to the site to read.

If you have any specific questions, contact us at

arrow 1. Are you...
a student
a teacher
a photographer
an artist
a Watershed customer
a Watershed course participant
a reveal project participant
aged 16 to 25

arrow 2. How did you hear about / find reveal?
Watershed publicity
link from Watershed site
search engine
NOF portal site
word of mouth
just came across it by accident

arrow 3. Why did you visit reveal?
to find out more about photography
to find out about examples of creative projects online
I took part in it
I know some one who took part in it
just curious

arrow 4. How did you access material once on the site?
browsed through using the navigation provided
searched using site search facility
looked at the site map
random selection

arrow 5. How easy was it to view the site?
quick and easy to use with well designed navigation
useful help and search facilities
not enough explanation about the content
not enough explanation about the site

arrow 6. What did you think of the content?
great to see lots of good quality images
interesting and thought provoking project
images too small
images too big
images too slow to download

arrow 7. Have you visited the learning resource?
didn’t know it was there

arrow 8. If so, what did you find of value in the resource?
material for research into photography subjects
material for schoolwork / college coursework
teaching resources
project ideas for creative work with young people
nothing of value

arrow 9. Was the resource what you expected or hoped for?
yes, it included very helpful material
yes, it helped in the interpretation of reveal
yes, it discussed issues of relevance in photography
no, it was too academic
no, it was dull

arrow 10. Will you return to use the resource again?

Have you any suggestions about how we could improve the site or other comment you'd like to make?
Please add your feedback here and click to send your completed evaluation back to us. Include your email address or contact details if you'd like us to respond to your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.