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Photography galleries UK

A selection of photography galleries around the UK - some of these organisations offer education programmes and in house production facilities.

Online photography / imaging projects

A selection of projects using photography and digital imaging methods to explore issues of culture and identity.

Training and production resources

Selection of organisations providing facilities and training in photography and digital media for artists and young people.

Links to journals and photographic artists’ sites

A selection of photographic artists’ work of interest and relevence to this resource.

Photography galleries

Focal Point Gallery

Focal Point Gallery based in Southend-on-Sea aims to promote the best of photographic and new media arts. There is a regular programme of exhibitions, workshops and events, details of which can be found on the site. Further information is available through the gallery.

Folly Gallery

Folly is based in Lancaster and is a non-profit media arts organisation, promoting photographic, video and digital art. Folly has two gallery exhibition spaces in the main site and hosts exhibitions located in public spaces, and works with local artists, photographers, video makers and digital artists providing a range of opportunities. There is a programme providing photography tuition and courses.

National Museum of Photography Film and Television

Based in Bradford, the Museum’s renowned collection includes more than three million items of historical, social and cultural value. These include three key ‘firsts’: the world’s first negative, the earliest television footage, and what is regarded as the world’s first example of moving pictures. Louis Le Prince’s 1888 film of Leeds Bridge. Alongside this you will find the Playschool toys, Europe’s first gallery dedicated to digital media, its longest-established IMAX cinema, and the only publicly accessible Cinerama cinema in the world. A range of education projects can be visited at:

Examples of individual projects exploring cultural identity are:

South African Dialogues.

An on-line resource for primary children - range of subjects closely linked to Bradford’s textile heritage - features the life stories of five older people - so it has strong history and personal and social education links.

This was produced during the Photo ’98 Festival to link with an exhibition by Martin Parr. A group of UK students went to Germany to photograph icons of ‘German-ness’ and brought some German students here to do ‘UK-ness’. The resulting photographs have been compiled on this site, alongside Martin Parr’s photos and commentary from 3 academics.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery houses a primary collection of nearly 10,000 works, as well as an immense archive. There is no restriction on medium - there are oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, miniatures, sculptures, caricatures, silhouettes and photographs
See for educational resources relating to the history of portrait photography.

Photographers Gallery

Photographers Gallery, London - full details of the past, present and future programme, print sales, and bookshop. Go to the project page for a selection of collaborative digital imaging and web based projects with young people.
eg. A Tale of Four Cities,205,0,0,1,0
An international email exchange (1998) between children in London, Nairobi, Cape Town and Dhaka.

Site Gallery

Site Gallery, Sheffield, is an international centre for contemporary art, offering a temporary exhibitions programme backed up with a comprehensive calendar of conferences, artists talks, events and short courses. Housed within the organisation is the Imaging Innovation Lab (iLab), providing a well-resourced production facility for still and moving image making whose focus is on commissioning new work, providing a base for residencies and offering an open access membership. The development of on-line activities, a biannual live art event and off site projects further our mission to make opportunities for creative work and to present new work to new audiences.


Established in 1977 as Edinburgh’s specialist photographic centre, Stills is now recognised as one of Scotland’s leading centres for research, production and exhibition of contemporary art inspired by existing and emerging technologies. Stills also provides a full programme of photographic and digital training courses and project work.

For further information about Photography Galleries in the UK:,53,0,0,1,0.

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Online photography / imaging projects

CYBA Project

Community Youth Binary Arts - community based digital project set up to work with young disadvantaged people in the Bristol area who wish to learn creative digital media skills in an informal setting.


Media Centre based in Brighton, hosting a range of digital multimedia and web based projects involving young people, plus a range of digital courses.


Group of artists engaged in a range of activities, individually, collectively and collaboratively, to produce work for exhibition or to enable others to work on projects using software designed by the group.


This is an on-going project set up by Yasser Rashid. The aim is to produce work that is innovative, emotive and inspiring in order to raise awareness of the issues facing Palestinians around the world today. In future, Mute-Dialogue also aims to be a platform for exploring cultural identity and politics, through a series of collaborative projects.

Rural Media Company

Pioneers in using media for personal, social and community development in a rural context. Useful project info covering digital media, film, and photography with marginalised and isolated groups and some good links.


The Public, formerly known as Jubilee Arts has been carrying out pioneering community arts work in a variety of media for nearly 30 years in the West Bromwich area. Innovative exhibitions, performances and products have been created with many local community groups, which communicate around issues relating to health, regeneration, social inclusion and education to wider audiences. Visit the site to find out more.

Virtual Exiles

An on-line art project curated by Roshini Kempadoo with the aim of collating a rich and diverse exhibition of photographs, sound and video to explore the experience of people who have left their country of origin and are now at ‘home’ in another. Visitors to the site are encouraged to contribute to this ever growing body of work.


Bristol-based digital and moving image centre with three cinemas and popular cafe-bar with computers available to view online artwork. See:

Young, Queer and Safe

Web site made by lesbian and gay young people with guidance from Dr. Roz Hall from The Public, formerly known as Jubilee Arts, to explore issues of identity and sexual awareness.

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Training and production resources

cr8 Studios

cre8 studios provides a wide range of activities, facilities and equipment for people interested in film and digital media. cre8 studios also offers a broad range of training courses for children and adults of all ages.


Media Centre based in Brighton, hosting a range of video, film and web based projects involving young people, plus a range of courses.

Photographers at Duckspool

Residential photography and electronic arts workshops in a rural Somerset setting, with celebrated tutors providing a programme covering all aspects of creative photography.

Valley and Vale Community Arts

Valley and Vale is a Community Arts organisation which has been working in South Wales since 1981. Provision includes workshops in video, animation, photography, music, dance, drama, visual arts, writing, desktop publishing and design for people of all ages and abilities.

Rural Media Company

Pioneers in using media for personal, social and community development in a rural context. This project is based in Hereford, and provides information, tuition and exhibition opportunities in digital media, film, and photography with marginalised and isolated groups. Visit their web site for some useful links.


VIVID is Birmingham’s production centre for new media arts, film, video and photography which aims to sustain the creative and economic development of media arts practitioners across the West Midlands region through the provision of facilities, project development, advice, support and access to a network of creative individuals.

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Journals and photographic artists’ sites

Andy Warhol’s screen tests

Essay about Andy Warhol’s screen tests.

Andy Warhol’s screen tests, newspaper article,11478,637635,00.html

Accounts of Warhol’s screen tests, in which complete reels of film were shot of visitors to his ‘factory’.

Barbara Kruger

British Journal of Photography

Online magazine of the BJP with news, articles and on-line exhibitions

Duane Michals

Biography and video, and a gallery of moving/still images.

Duane Michals

Article about Duane Michals, including examples of his work.

Duane Michals, interview with Karl-Peter Gottschalk

Duane Michals talking about his life and work.

Hamish Fulton pictures

Some of Hamish Fultons photographs and word pictures.

Hamish Fulton

A site about Hamish Fulton and his work, including word pictures and photographs. Requires Macromedia Flash software.

Library of Photography

Page containing links to alphabetical lists of photographers, as well as many other photographic links.

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Web Ring Home Page, with a link to a list of sites.

Richard Long

Richard Longs description of art as a formal and holistic description of the real space and experience of landscape and its most elemental materials.

Santa Fe Centre for Visual Arts

Articles and advice for photographers embarking on projects.

The Wallace Collection Web

Web site of the Wallace Collection, a collection of art assembled by the Wallace Family and based in West London.

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