3.1/ Beginners Photography Project

Learning objectives;

The aim of this project is to see how one’s eye responds to shapes in the photographic image, to trace the lines that one personally responds to, and look at the resulting images with a critical eye, determining the geometric shapes within photographs that the pupils respond to.

This project can be done in class or at home, and does not require cameras or photographic material.

Materials required are;

Tracing paper, pencils, images for copying.


Ask each student to find five photographs that they like, and with the tracing paper and pencil, outline the geometric shapes that they feel come out of the composition the most.

By doing this, the students can deconstruct the geometry of the photograph, and look at how the different shapes within an image relate to each other.

Ask students to talk about their shapes, and why they chose certain ones over others, if they were important in the inherent meaning of the photograph, and how they relate to the other shapes that the students chose not to register.

The results can be related to ideas of composition, the rule of thirds, for example, and can be used to explain how the positioning of certain objects or shapes with in a frame creates emotions like tension, or juxtaposition.