3.2/ Intermediate level photography project

Learning objectives;

The aim of this project is to encourage students to photograph things that they normally do not normally consider photographing. In this way they can see that what may constitute a good photograph in broadly artistic terms, like a sunset or beautiful flower, are not necessarily going to reveal anything new, but merely reproduce what is conventionally known. By photographing things that are considered unusual in terms of subject matter, they are challenged to photograph objects that have their own inherent visual context.

Materials and facilities required;

Students should have their own camera, or have available a disposable camera with which to make their images, and if possible, printing and processing facilities as well.


1/ Photograph something that happens on the hour, every hour for the whole day. This can be the changing view from a window, your parents at work around the house, the TV screen, or anything else. Look at these photographs and try writing a narrative that relates to but doesn’t literally explain the context of the photographs.

2/ Photograph the same scene every day for a week, an example could be, every meal you have- photograph the plate. When you look at the photographs, try to construct a narrative to go with the pictures. If you are in a class, swap sequences with another student and write a narrative about their pictures.