reveal guidelines

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Guidelines for the presentation of reveal in all media.
John Frederick Anderson, photographer.

1. reveal is a self funded documentary photography project, conceived, initiated and completed by John Frederick Anderson, photographer, over a period of two and a half years, from 2000 to 2002, and should be credited as such whenever credit is due. Copyright rests with John Fredrick Anderson as the author of the work reveal.

2. Each participant has co-authored their body of work with John Frederick Anderson, the most co-authored works in each set being the black and white portraits, and the colour work being mostly my work, with different levels of co-authorship for each participant. Emphasis must be placed on the black and white portraits, with the colour work as supporting, whenever reveal is reproduced.

3. Pictures are not to be selected from individual sets and presented as a sequence of independent pictures. reveal is a project about individual self image, and if sequences of pictures must appear, they must be from the same set, for example:
roundabout kitchen fire station fire station2
caption should read: “Lee”

If a selection of two or three images are needed, then they must be from the same set, and include at least one black and white portrait. They must be captioned as per the whole set.

4. If one image is required to fill a space, then that image should preferably be a black and white portrait, captioned with the name of the co-author.

5. reveal is about self identity presented through pictures, and not about identities presented through pictures with captions, which could be seen as anecdotal. By presenting only pictures, narratives are constructed by the viewer of the works. This is a deliberate strategy agreed to by the artist and the co-authors. One of the aims of reveal is to present information about identities using pictures only, causing the viewers to invent, and then analyze their own narratives.

6. reveal as a title should always be written in lower case, not Reveal, and preferably in a san-serif font such as Verdanna, Helvetica, or Arial.