Documentary & portraiture photography

2.1 The gaze in portraiture 2.2 Image and text 2.3 Case studies
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Intermediate Part 4 of 4

Glossary of terms:

Eulogized: treated as a religious icon.

Iconic: something familiar that becomes a cultural symbol, over and above its regular meaning.

Hyper real: a theme explored by Umberto Ecco in his essays and books, where situations are intense due to a concentration of events in a short time frame or location, giving rise to a feeling of being in a place or time that is special and apart form reality, where real things or events appear exaggerated.

Signs: layers of meaning which are familiar, but are often in the background and taken for granted - conventions we adhere to without resorting to analysis each time we do.

Empirical: ideas we form based on evidence in our normal domain.

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