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These learning resources produced for a range of target groups embrace the potential of online digital media as a new tool for dissemination of knowledge and information. The resources provide opportunities and information for those working in creative arts and education - some can be used specifically to fulfil UK examination and curriculum requirements.

Bristol Photonet (Dec 05)

Bristol Photonet

This photography resource is for all photographers in the Bristol area, and those who want to learn more about photography.


BBC Good Shooting Guide (June 05)

BBC Good Shooting Guide

Specifically tailored for people taking the 90 Second Challenge, Watershed has teamed up with the BBC to bring you a comprehensive filmmaking guide used by the BBC's own directors.


90 Second Challenge Resources (June 05)

BBC Good Shooting Guide

90 Second Challenge seeks to inspire people across Bristol, UK to make 90 seconds of digital media. It could be a film, mobile phone game, Flash or 3-D animation, Internet viral, stop-motion, a photography slideshow, audio track or VJ set. The site includes a range of useful resources and news of events and workshops.


Electric December Resources (Dec 04)

BBC Good Shooting Guide

A series of resources developed as part of Electric December - the online multimedia festive calendar, including a guide to storyboarding and creating prototypes.


The Wrong Flowers (Nov 04)

Wrong Flowers

The film, The Wrong Flowers, based on a poem of the same title, is about artist Brenda Cook’s schooldays in the 1940’s. Brenda is part of art + power, a group of artists with learning difficulties based in Bristol. The resource includes the complete film with clips and stills, and provides approaches to using a short film in the classroom at Key Stages 2 and 3.


Faustus (Oct 04)


Faustus is one of many performance pieces created by art + power artists with learning difficulties. This resource investigates the way the Portway Players (art + power’s theatre company) interpreted and adapted Marlowe's play Dr Faustus, and with clips, stills, and practical exercises, provides several ways of engaging with the materials.


Calling (Oct 04)


Calling is a residency programme for three digital artists of African heritage, run jointly by Watershed and Kuumba. This commentary section contains essays commissioned by cultural commentators Keith Piper, Eddie Chambers, Raimi Gbadamosi and Sorious Samura. They should prove thought-provoking and relevant to anyone with an interest in the connection between creativity, technology and inclusion


Alchemy (Aug 04)


Alchemy is a collection of movies, music and animations created by young people at risk of exclusion, and not in education training and employment who participated in Watershed digital training projects between 2002 and 2004. This resource includes a talk by Coldcut's Matt Black.


Imagem (Aug 04)


Imagem (the Portuguese word for “image”), is a two-year creative media project culminating in a photography exchange between seven young people from Knowle West, Bristol, in the South West of England, and eight young people from twinned city, Oporto, in Northern Portugal. This resource includes city and architect fact files, a worksheet and ideas for teachers.


Cherry Orchards (April 04)

Cherry Orchards

Cherry Orchards is a therapeutic community for adults recovering from mental health problems, situated on a 20 acre organic farm on the edge of Bristol. An important part of life there is about exploring creativity through arts activities, which all members are encouraged to participate in. The site features painting, photography, egg decorating and creative writing and is accompanied by a learning resource which includes recipes and games.


Neighbourhood (Nov 03)

The learning resource that accompanies Neighbourhood community photography project provides information and advice about setting up community photography projects, together with an extensive technical section full of practical information about photographic equipment, materials and processing, plus an ideas section to help inspire and amuse, and extensive links to many other sites of interest.


Sign Hear (Oct 03)

Sign Hear

Sign Hear is a website where anyone can navigate its content using British Sign Language in place of written English. It also aims to be a digital space which promotes and encourages creative expression in BSL, such as poetry, narratives and film. Since its launch in 2000, the project continues to develop, both at the technical, design and programming levels, and in accurately portraying BSL through digitised animations. Supported by Learning and Skills Council SW, Bristol 2008, and Here Nor There.


Web Explorations (April 03)

Web Explorations

An online learning resource designed for UK students of GCSE, AS and A2 qualifications and their teachers. The site enables students to research and critically assess web resources and their use. It includes practical exercises and the opportunity to take part in online discussions where students can share their findings and experiences with other users.


Reveal: John Frederick Anderson (Dec 02)


Reveal is a documentary photography project allowing 36 young people between the ages of 17 and 21 years to make a series of images showing their lives through portraiture in the city in which they live. A new learning resource now accompanies the creative material, offering an insight into the making of Reveal and discussing ideas and concepts of interest to photography and visual arts students, teachers, and project leaders.


Rio Kids (Aug 02)

Rio Kids

A creative web project reflecting on the issues raised at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 featuring work by young people from four primary schools in and around Bristol, UK. The project went live on 25 August 2002, the eve of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg a.k.a. Earth Summit 2002 or Rio +10. The participating schools are: Easton Primary, Four Acres Primary, Luckwell Primary and Winscombe Primary. Rio Kids is a Watershed project supported by The Pontin Charitable Trust.


Crossing Over: Marketing East is East (March 02)

Crossing Over

A web resource for students and teachers of A/S, A/2 and GCSE Film and Media Studies.


Making It! - As I Was Falling (Oct 01)

Making It

This Internet resource looks closely at As I was Falling, the 60 second micro-film which won the Brief Encounters Depict prize in 1999. It takes this film as a case study, and through interviews with its filmmaker, Rachel Tillotson, examines the context in which the film was made and the filmmaker's working method. It provides information for new filmmakers about funding and the opportunities offered by festivals. For students of AS level Film and GNVQ and Media Studies, there are a wide range of tasks, and suggestions for further reading.


Harbourside Rediscovered 2000


A digital and photographic journey through the Harbourside area of Bristol, starting in January 2000, made by students from St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, Henbury School and Watershed, with support from Learning Partnership West and the Halifax plc.


Transparent Room (March 99)

Transparent Room

Working with local secondary schools, Watershed provided this educational programme and resource pack based around the Transparent Room Installation. The exhibition had great potential for discovering aspects of perception, from visual experience to spacial awareness and also raised issues around technical production. Students were able to examine how the show was made and investigate the effects of the visual and sound elements of the piece.


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