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Working with a range of partners and funders, Watershed delivers and facilitates a broad programme of events and projects in the physical and virtual space. This includes artist's residencies, exhibitions, research projects, conferences, workshops, seminars and festivals. In the dShed Studio section here, you can experience and in some cases participate in the development process of new projects. We are also archiving a growing range of material to record the progress and impact of new technologies on creativity and audiences.

Tampere Film Festival Diary 2006 (March 06)


Watershed's Head of Programme Mark Cosgrove visited the Tampere Film Festival in Finland during March 2006. Mark was looking out the latest talent in short filmmaking for his role as Creative Director of Brief Encounters International Short Film Festival in Bristol. Here is Mark's diary written during the festival.


Hannu Karjalainen's film installations in progress (Dec 05)


Finnish artist Hannu came to Bristol in September 2005 to create a series of film installations over three months in residence at Picture This. The purpose of this web piece is to illustrate the creative process – from the first rudimentary tests to the making of the actual works.


Dog[LAB]02 (Oct 05)


Digital artist France ‘Cyberdoll’ Cadet is developing a new installation at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab at UWE. France is constructing a multi-robot installation called Dog[LAB]02 – a series of different robotic animals made by hacking popular cyber-toys. Find out more and read the online journal here:


Bristol Stories (Aug 05)

Bristol Stories

As part of Electric Pavilion, Watershed and Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives Service are creatively working together to involve the public in the development of content for the new Museum of Bristol. The Bristol Stories site is an online collection of digital stories made in Bristol, England.


The Elders (July 05)

The Elders

The Elders is a dance film Lisa May Thomas is making with the Malcolm X Elders Group based at in St Paul’s Bristol. The website documents the development process of the film.




With support from Watershed and funding from Arts Council England, creative work from the pioneering audiovisual site www.soundtoys.net tours the UK in 2005. There are also new commissions being produced.


The Emergent City: Stanza (The 5th Clark Digital Bursary)


The Clark Digital Bursary provides opportunities for creative development in digital media through a residency programme. Recipients of the 5th Clark Digital Bursary; Stanza, squidsoup and Dane Watkins, are utilising the latest wireless technologies to engage audiences in the public spaces inside and outside of Watershed. Documentation on the progress of Stanza's project - The Emergent City, is posted online here in the form of an online journal, documentation, images and media.


Archived Projects

Berlin Film Festival Diary 2006 (Feb 06)


Watershed's Head of Programme Mark Cosgrove visited the Berlin Film Festival during Feb 2006 to see the newest films in the competition and in the European Film Market. Mark's diary of the festival is poted here.


Electric Pavilion (from April 05)

Electric Pavilion

Electric Pavilion is a virtual centre and a place for creative enquiry and illumination as part of the Creative Bristol 2005 programme. A number of events also happen in and around Bristol throughout the year.


90 Second Challenge

90 Second Challenge

As part of Electric Pavilion, 90 Second Challenge inspired people across Bristol, UK to make digital media.


Residual (July 05)


Residual is a moving image / sonic installation by Isabel Rocamora in collaboration with Thomas Koner and Helena Gough. The piece looks at the archaeology of Bristol's presence, focusing on erosion, residue, visibility. The website documents Residual through its development process.


we.here.now (Aug 05)


The we.here.now summer camp brought together 24 young filmmakers aged 15 - 20 from Sweden, Lithuania and UK to make digital short films, supported by professional filmmakers and media educators. Documentation of the work in progress can be found here.


Processing (June 05)


Documentation of ideas and work in progress by artists from different backgrounds on a course developing projects using the open source Processing environment. The project was part of Electric Pavilion - a major contribution to the Creative Bristol initiative.




10 groups of animators accessing HP Labs’ experimental Maya Rendering Service to produce 3D shorts.


I Can Read You (June 05)

I Can Read You

I Can Read You is an artwork being developed by artist Simon Poulter which uses barcodes and mobile phones.




Calling is a residency programme for three digital artists of African heritage, run jointly by Watershed and Kuumba. The artists documented the progress of their projects through notes and diaries.


Come Closer: squidsoup (The 5th Clark Digital Bursary)


Documentation on the progress of squidsoup's project - Come Closer, is posted online here in the form of an online journal, documentation, images and media.


LoveMatch: Dane (The 5th Clark Digital Bursary)

Dane Watkins

Documentation on the progress of Dane's project - LoveMatch, is posted online here in the form of an online journal, documentation, images and media.


Catch Me if You Can: Ella Bissett Johnson (June 04)

Ella Bissett Johnson

In residence at Watershed, Ella Bissett-Johnson developed Catch Me If You Can – a multiplayer adventure game using mobile technologies in physical and virtual space. The finished project is due to be shown at the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Helsinki in August. Documentation of Ella's online journal can be viewed here.


Formality: Duncan Speakman (The 4th Clark Digital Bursary)


Over a period of six months, Duncan Speakman explored human communication as it is organised, disrupted and distributed through digital systems. A series of interactive installations; Tag, Document and Dialogue, used mobile phones, databases, hidden microphones and printers to question the way in which we communicate and the values we assign to it. Formality was developed in residence at Watershed as part of the 2001 - 2002 Clark Digital Bursary.


Sweet Home: Ana Bilankov

Sweet Home

Berlin-based artist Ana Bilankov was in residence in Watershed in Feb 2002 developing and producing Sweet Home. Here you can view documentation of the work in progress. You can see the finished piece in creative content.


Sweet Home

Jukola is a digital jukebox which uses wireless technology, handheld iPAQS and touch screens. It was tested in Watershed's Café/Bar in Oct 2003. Here you can find documentation of the project.


Ghosts: squidsoup (The 4th Clark Digital Bursary)


Created in residence at Watershed as part of the 4th Clark Digital Bursary, Ghosts is digital sculpture by squidsoup. Here you can view documentation of the work in progress. You can see an online version of the finished piece in creative content.


Periphery: Jo Hyde


Jo Hyde's Periphery explores issues of representation, identity, observation, memory and otherness. Awarded the DA2 Open Commission for digital artists based in the South West, Jo created the work through a series of residencies at Watershed.


Digest: Ideas Mart (March 04)


Digest is an online event taking place in March 2004 addressing two key questions -
What's a meaningful and engaging web experience?
How do you decide what's good and bad artwork on the Net, and will others agree with your view?


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