About Residual

Residual is a moving image and sonic installation integrated into Bristol’s hidden medieval remains. A collaboration between director and digital artist Isabel Rocamora and sonic artists Thomas Koner and Helena Gough, the piece looks at our experience of place and time.

If one listens to a space, a building, a landscape, there is often a feeling of residue, of accumulated time, of events which somehow seem to be held in secrecy.

We are interested in ‘locus’ (a holding space) and in ‘psycho-geography’ (the psyche of place). In the way time and erosion seem to increase the feeling of a site: as though the absence of matter heightens its presence. Like the weight that we feel when we are in front of a ruin: the presence of the disappeared.

Residual is an exploration of Bristol’s presence in relation to the archaeology of its architecture. Its aim is to create a screen-based dialogue between historical and contemporary trace. Its themes are: erosion, residue, visibility. The piece is interested in capturing the erased, the latent and that which is in a process of re-surfacing.

"Textures, shapes and spaces emerging and dissolving - created by stones, iron and water in enigmatic places that speak of lost uses and fading significance... the past held in place by light, shadows, reflections and movement...  who is looking? the photographer effaced behind an evocative aesthetic... ... the ghost of a presence glides towards the radiator..  the spectator stilled, entranced in the stone theatre of the crypt ...  who is speaking?  the sounds detached, echoes from the present mingling with the filtered traffic, chiming against an architecture, a geography, an impossible present ..." 

John Adams, filmmaker and Senior Lecturer in Film and TV at University of Bristol

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